New portal guides on e-commerce

New e-commerce channel news portal comes to guide tenants, with information, articles, tips and discussions on the e-commerce sector that can add more value to the business.

In order to further promote e-commerce in Brazil, which has been growing, on average, 30% per year, according to e-bit data, the portal reaches the editorial market .

Idealized by Natan Sztamfater, a specialist in digital marketing and e-commerce, the e-commerce channel aims to guide virtual stores with information that can further enhance the online retail performance in the national scenario.

Accompanying the era of Web 2.0, the portal also has a space dedicated to the professional who wants to invest in e-commerce or apply different actions to maintain, manage and increase credibility with e-consumers. For this, in the link , Entrepreneur Channel, interested parties can send their doubts.

The portal brings four editorial sections News, Articles, E-commerce Growth and Tips, and is updated daily by the channel’s journalism team.

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